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    Dear Faithful Member,

    Thank you to all who have responded to my last letter seeking urgent help for this prayer ministry.

    Among the generous giving, we have received many kind words and honest reflections.

“Standing with you in prayer. Admittedly, your message got to me, Jim. I have skipped the last one or two contributions based on prejudices toward our government and administration. But, as you say, it is especially in times as we are experiencing right now that unified prayers be lifted up to our sovereign God, who listens and acts, as He has shown all through His story… God bless you all, and I truly believe (as evidenced just this week with the election of the new speaker of His house), that with our prayers being lifted up to Him, God will set this nation aright again in line with her calling and His divine will.” - Claudia from New Hampshire

    We hope that responses like these will inspire others as we focus on God in all that we do.

    Please continue to pray for the process of catching up financially. We were able to close a gap from 48% to 88% in just a few days! Many raised their hand to help us move forward with prayer, but we still have a way to go in the need for donations. Also, pray for your fellow prayer warriors across the nation to remain steadfast, and pray for the softening of hearts across the nation that we might experience a revival seen across the globe. 

How to help during these important times?

PRAY FIRST is a great way to get them involved. Starting with a singular, important need for prayer in America each week is a simpler way to get someone started in praying for our nation. PRAY FIRST sends out a text message to their cell phones weekly with priority calls to prayer. All they have to do is text JOIN to 772911. Or, INFO to 772911 for further information.

    We are so thankful to you for blessing us with your gifts, prayers, and this special growth assistance.

    Jim Bolthouse


P.S. If you missed my last letter, which this is responding to, you can still check it out. Read now, “Do You Believe in America?

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