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Pray First is a new movement of God’s people who believe the light of truth reveals darkness and waywardness that rules today. Pray first seeks to raise and honor God and prayer as first priority in every person, family, community and our nation. Using the latest communication and technologies, Pray First will strive to be a daily influence of revival toward faith and righteousness. The Pray First movement welcomes all who align with truth and desire to achieve God’s preeminence.

NEW - Pray First announces a new rapid deployment network called Pray First Responders.
A nationwide alert and information system that utilizes cell phone texting to notify of urgent and important prayers.

Pray First Responders will receive a text on their phone, notifying them of urgent and timely needs within America as they arise. Then, we can pray together as a nation united, and watch God work. It is simple but very effective. Learn More

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A Ministry of The Presidential Prayer Team

The Pray First Network is a portfolio of tools, platforms, and resources designed to create an active prayer lifestyle. The Presidential Prayer Team believes it is vitally important to pray first before making major decisions about our lives and our country, with the goal of helping people understand the will of God through prayer.

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  • EMAIL: ppt-info@presidentialprayerteam.org

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