Who is Responsible for our Borders?

For the Week of March 5 - 12 

Immigration: How Should the Church Respond??

What is the godly response to the estimated 8 to 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.?

The United States hosts the highest number of foreign-born residents globally.  

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Other Prayer Priorities

U.S. Bolsters Defenses After Cyber-attacks

Has modern technology radically altered how nations wage war?

Heavy regulations on farmers causing uncertain future.

Are Farmers Facing Impossible Regulations?

Will the Supreme Court Decide the Election?

Two states remove former president Donald Trump from ballots pending appeal.

Absentee Ballot

Voters See Election Cheating Everywhere

Protecting the election process is everyone's responsibility.

Climate protestors

The True Cost of the Green Agenda

Is the climate agenda a bigger threat than climate change itself?

Is the Education System Failing America's Children?

Many parents worry about indoctrination seeking refuge in private schools.

Hate and bigotry - A Scheme to Divide America

Is Antisemitism a threat to the survival of our nation? How should you pray?

What's ahead for U.S. currency? Paper, digital, gold...or?

Is the United States currency about to undergo significant change? Are you ready?

What’s Dividing the Nation?

"Well-financed attempt to strip America and other nations of our sovereignty and make us beholden to an international government" 

The Future of America Hangs in the Balance.

Protecting and securing the democratic process of elections is key to the success of our nation.

Is All-Out-Global Conflict At Hand?

Economic woes and political in-fighting complicate the U.S. response to international wars.

The Ongoing Crisis at the Nation's Border

The decades-long immigration crisis continues to grow due to global instability, wars, and economic struggles.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Escalates to War

Multiple surprise attacks from Hamas leave hundreds dead and thousands injured.

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